Algerian Urban Gondolas

Note: The Algerian Urban Gondolas are a widespread and little understood phenomenon. This page is meant to help understand what’s going on there a little bit better. As such, all information on this page should be considered fluid and subject to change and revision at any and all times.

Due to the necessity of using rumor, forums, translations and less-than-solid leads to complete this page, The Gondola Project makes no claims as to the validity of the information contained herein.

Gondolas in Algeria:

  • Algiers: 9 total systems (5 in use, 2 under construction, 2 planned)
  • Constantine: 3 total systems (1 in use, 2 planned)
  • Tlemcen: 1 total system (in use)
  • Oran: 1 total system (in use)
  • Annaba: 1 total system (in use)
  • Skikda: 1 total system (in use)
  • Chrea: 1 total system (in use)
  • Tizi Ouzou: 1 planned system
  • Bejaia: 1 planned system
  • Mediea: 1 planned system
  • Beni Saf: 1 planned system
  • Taref: 1 planned system
  • Jijel: 1 planned system