Batumi Cable Car



Urban Gondola in Batumi, Georgia

Once again, with little fanfare and almost no news of it in the English-speaking world, it seems that another urban gondola will soon open.

From the limited amount of information that’s available online, this cable car is located in Batumi — a seaside Georgian town of 180,000 residents. The system is reported to be 2.5km in length and is built primarily to connect the city’s waterfront to a new entertainment complex situated on Anuria/Pheria Mountain.

While various reports indicate that the system was scheduled to open in December 2012 or April 2013, from the looks of some recent (but undated) photos, the system is still under construction.

Nonetheless, based on the following pictures and renderings, the station designs are on par with some of the most stylish terminals ever built in a city. It also seems that the upper station will be fully integrated with the entertainment centre. Take a look.

Rendering of upper station. Image from Engenuiti.

Rendering of bottom station. Image from Engenuiti.

Lower station. Civil works appear to be almost complete. Image from

Another angle. Image from BrandNewGeorgia.

We’ll keep you up to date with any ongoing developments but it’s definitely great to see more and more cities from different places around the world truly embrace CPT technology.

For more photos, click here.

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