Wild Monkey Cableways



Introducing: The 4S or ‘Wild Monkey Cableway’

The 3S is so last year.

Apparently there exists an additional category of of gondola system unique to Japan known as a ‘Wild Monkey Cableway.’

From what we can surmise (and what we can surmise is very little), the systems are highly vernacular; made of wood; supported and/or propelled by a series of 4 ropes; and are propelled by vehicle passengers’ hands or feet via bicycle-like mechanism.

Are they Cable Propelled Transit? Arguably. But we don’t think you’ll be seeing any in dense urban centres any time soon.

At the same time, we want to ride those things now.

Take a look:


Wild Monkey Crossing in Tokushima, Japan. Image by Only on the Keihin.


Wild Monkey Bridge in Totsukawa Village, Japan. Image by Wiki0001.

Wild Monkey Cableway in Naga Town, Japan. Image by Bergmann.



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