The Solar Serpent



The Solar Serpent

I don’t know if this is insane or inspired . . .

Swedish architect Mans Tham recently proposed we enclose highways with solar panels.

Specifically exploring the concept as it pertains to Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Freeway, Thams’ idea “would see 24km (15 miles) of LA’s Santa Monica Freeway covered in solar panels – with an average width of 40m (131 ft), that adds up to an area of 960,000 m2 (10,333,354 Sq Ft), enough space for 600,000 domestic panels, which could generate 150 GWh per year. That’s more than enough to provide electricity to all the households of Venice, California.”

Read the full story here at Gizmag.

Architect Mans Tham's Solar Serpent. Image from Mans Tham.

The Solar Serpent from inside. Image from Mans Tham.

Image from Mans Tham.

Thanks to LX for pointing this one out!

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