New Year, New Gondola Project

The Rheine and The Moselle

Back in November, the Gondola Project celebrated its fifth anniversary (!) by expanding its staff to include an Editor-in-Chief — namely, me

Over the course of its 1,892-day existence (so far), the creators of this site have been working tirelessly to provide readers with an informed yet accessible overview of all the cable-propelled transit developments around the world, and to educate people about every aspect of this particular technology while also introducing them to a wide range of other under-the-radar urban planning and alternative transit ideas.  

Going forward, we’ll be increasing the frequency of posts and looking to include a number of new voices, as well as refining our approach to the cable car primer section. The goal here is to create an engaging and informative entry point for cable transit news and views, while developing a comprehensive guide to the most important systems in the world and the technologies that make them work. 

I’ll be overseeing the site’s evolution, bringing nearly a decade of journalism and magazine editing experience (city/culture editor and infographic creator at The Grid, staff writer at Eye Weekly, freelance writer for Spacing, Report in Business, Exclaim!, etc.) to the table in order to enhance the overall look and feel of the Gondola Project.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting developments. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @CUPprojects and look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (coming soon). 

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