City and Transit Blogs

An excellent assortment of transit-themed blogs from the English-speaking world – we’ve listed only those that we think are the best, most entertaining or informative, as well as a list of some of our favourite sites and blogs that wrestle with urban and city issues.

Like all of our Link Lists, the list is open to change and we’re more than happy to add to it. So if you know of a site that should be included in this list, send us an email and a solid reason for inclusion at gondola (at) creativeurbanprojects (dot) com.



  • Human Transit by Jarrett Walker: A transit blog with a global perspective, written by Sydney-based transportation consultant, Jarret Walker.
  • The Transport Politic by Yonah Freemark: A North America-focused public transit blog. Razor smart. It was named Planetizen’s Top 10 Websites of 2010.
  • Steve Munro’s Blog: Toronto-specific blog by transit advocate and agitator, Steve Munro. One of the original transit bloggers, Steve’s been going since January, 2006!
  • The Overhead Wire by Jeff Wood: A cross-disciplinary blog that deals with the relationship between land development and electricity-powered forms of public transit.
  • Free Public Transports: Do you believe public transit should be 100% free? These folks do. Free Public Transports (and their bafflingly HUGE network of local sites) may seem radically fringe, but they present a very compelling case that’s worth your attention.
  • Transit Planner Michael Setty’s look at the world of public transit.
  • AltTransport: A new start-up with great design and an entertaining look at the world of alternative public transportation. Far more readable and professional-looking than most planning-related sites!
  • How We Drive: Author Tom Vanderbilt’s “companion blog” to his best-selling book Traffic.


  • Buzzer Blog by TransLink (Vancouver’s Transit Agency). Winner of the 2010 Best Blog award as presented by the American Public Transportation Association.
  • Cap Metro Blog by Capital Metropolitan Transportation in Austin. Frequently updated and named one of the top eight agency run transit blogs.
  • Seattle Transit Blog: In depth transit news and discussion in and around Seattle.
  • Transit Toronto: Fan based site. Very comprehensive, informative and one, if not, the best transit blogs in Toronto. An absolutely invaluable resource.
  • The Source: Run by Metro Rail (LA). A window into what’s happening around public transit in Los Angeles.
  • NZ in Tranzit: A closer look at public transport in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Trams of Hong Kong. Blog dedicated to trams (Double Deckers included!) in Hong Kong.



  • This Big City by Joe Peach: A collection of articles and ideas that promote critical awareness and sustainability in our ever urbanizing world.
  • Planetizen by Urban Insight: Resource exchange for the urban planning, design and development community.
  • Spacing: Canadian based publication and blog that explores urban landscape topics from around the country.
  • Urbanicity: A site for local government and urban development.
  • New Geography: By noted contrarian and professor of urban development, Joel Kotkin, New Geography is always controversial and often insightful.
  • Streetsblog: You all know them, no point in describing them.