pulsed gondola


Spokane Falls - CC Image by Flickr user toosuto

Pulsed gondolas are fixed-grip CPT systems with cabins grouped together in “pulses” rather than being spaced evenly along the cable. The entire line slows down or stops completely in stations to allow passengers to embark and disembark. While popular in the mid to end of the last century, their limited capacity and operational inflexibility makes them rare in the urban context. However, one example of an pulsed gondola built in a city is the Grenoble-Bastille Cable Car.


Major Characteristics:

Grip: Non-detachable or fixed grip.

Cables: Pulsed gondolas utilize a single cable which provides both support and propulsion.

Speed: About 6 m/s, which is equal to 22 km/h.

Capacity: Up to 10 persons per cabin. However, due to non-detachable grips, maximum system capacity is only 2000 pphpd.

Towers: Can be supported by either lattice or cylindrical towers.


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