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(Sponsored Content) Ropeways from LEITNER — sustainable, high-tech transportation solutions.

In use around the world today, cable car systems from LEITNER are carrying out a variety of transportation tasks with unparalleled success. From our traditional role bringing skiers and snowboarders to the pistes comfortably, safely and quickly; to creating accessible, thrilling tourist experiences; and, increasingly, solving traffic problems in urban areas, LEITNER ropeways are improving how people move about their daily lives.

Every ropeway by LEITNER is a unique product and a customized solution. LEITNER ropeways is committed to state-of-the-art products which combine leading edge technologies with a commitment to quality, design and sustainability that meet each customers’ individual requirements.

To date, LEITNER ropeways has built cable car installations in fifty countries worldwide and currently has ropeways in operation with a total line length of 2,000 km.

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SE Europe

Romania, Bulgaria, & Macedonia

Three countries in South-Eastern Europe are placing their trust in LEITNER to help develop their winter and summer facilities with new ropeways. Learn more here.


Reschensee Lake

Two 10-passenger gondola lifts will be built to connect the Haideralm and Schöneben ski areas in Italy’s South Tyrol region to create a unified recreational area for a better winter. Learn more here.


Montenegro Tourism

LEITNER ropeways is building two new lifts near the town of Bijelo Polje to enhance tourism and skiing opportunities. Learn more here.


2 New Ropeways in Kitzbühel

A new 10-person gondola Brunelle & a new 6-seater chairlift Raintal will be opened on Dec 8. These lifts will provide guests with an improved skiing experience. Learn more here.


Bicable Gondola in South Korea

The first LEITNER DirectDrive in Korea now connects passenger to the touristic sites on Gaksan mountain and Choyang island. Learn more here.


Premium Cabin Design

Zermatt’s upcoming 3S gondola will feature luxurious cabins designed with Swarovski® crystals to maximize passenger experience. Learn more here.


Gondola to Trebevic is Back

Ropeway technology has returned to the Bosnian capital after more than a quarter century. Visitors can now board a 2,158m long gondola to Trebevic. Learn more here.


First 3S in Scandinavia

Norwegian tourist hub of Voss is investing 31 million Euros to modernize its facilities and construct the region’s first 3S gondola lift. Learn more here.


3S Gondola Arrives

On March 26th, the first 3S gondola cabin to the Klein Matterhorn arrived via helicopter. The new gondola will open for passenger service September 29, 2018. Learn more here.


Premium Quality Spare Parts

Choose LEITNER ropeways for the best customer service, quality and prices for all of your ropeway’s spare part needs. Learn more here.


Jufen Chairlift

Ultimate comfort and convenience awaits winter enthusiasts boarding the new 8-passenger chairlift now operating in Kitzbühel. Learn more here.


St. Johann Ski Resort

With a new gondola lift and chairlift, St. Johann Ski Resort improves access to its recreational trails and resort. Learn more here.


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