Transit Blogs

An excellent assortment of transit-themed blogs from the English-speaking world – we’ve listed only those that we think are the best, most entertaining or informative.

The list is open to change  and additions, and there’s a very good chance we’ve forgotten or missed a few of them.

So make your case by emailing us with a link to your favorite transit blog (or your transit blog) and a solid reason for inclusion at gondola (at) creativeurbanprojects (dot) com.


  • Human Transit by Jarrett Walker:  A transit blog with a global perspective, written by Sydney-based transportation consultant, Jarret Walker.
  • The Transport Politic by Yonah Freemark:  A North America-focused public transit blog. Razor smart. It was named Planetizen’s Top 10 Websites of 2010.
  • Steve Munro’s Blog:  Toronto-specific blog by transit advocate and agitator, Steve Munro. One of the original transit bloggers, Steve’s been going since January, 2006!
  • The Overhead Wire by Jeff Wood:  A cross-disciplinary blog that deals with the relationship between land development and electricity-powered forms of public transit.
  • Free Public Transports:  Do you believe public transit should be 100% free? These folks do. Free Public Transports (and their bafflingly HUGE network of local sites) may seem radically fringe, but they present a very compelling case that’s worth your attention.
  • Transit Planner Michael Setty’s look at the world of public transit.
  • AltTransport: A new start-up with great design and an entertaining look at the world of alternative public transportation. Far more readable and professional-looking than most planning-related sites!
  • How We Drive: Author Tom Vanderbilt’s “companion blog” to his best-selling book Traffic.


  • Buzzer Blog by TransLink (Vancouver’s Transit Agency). Winner of the 2010 Best Blog award as presented by the American Public Transportation Association.
  • Cap Metro Blog by Capital Metropolitan Transportation in Austin. Frequently updated and named one of the top eight agency run transit blogs.
  • Seattle Transit Blog: In depth transit news and discussion in and around Seattle.
  • Transit Toronto: Fan based site. Very comprehensive, informative and one, if not, the best transit blogs in Toronto. An absolutely invaluable resource.
  • The Source: Run by Metro Rail (LA). A window into what’s happening around public transit in Los Angeles.
  • NZ in Tranzit: A closer look at public transport in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Trams of Hong Kong. Blog dedicated to trams (Double Deckers included!) in Hong Kong.