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Nov 03, 2023
Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Napa Valley’s Most Famous Winery and Gondola Reopen

Post by gondola-project

  • Simcoe Street Rapid Transit explores the possibility of gondolas for Simcoe Street in Oshawa. The municipality is also exploring light rail and bus options alongside a gondola or suspended monorail. The gondola solution would have 16 stops with 25-passenger cabins which could provide a capacity of 1,300-1,600 passengers per hour per direction; it is estimated to cost between $600 million and $1 billion. The monorail would have 17 stops, 200 passenger vehicles,  and by 2051 the system could carry 1,100 – 1,300 passengers per hour per direction; the system would cost $7 – $8 billion.
  • Vietnam is leading cable car installations across the country. Cable cars are a fitting solution for Vietnam’s unique terrain, allowing for riders to hop across mountains, jungles, and islands. Vietnam has installed 26 cable car lines over the last couple of decades and is home to 4 of the longest cable cars in the world. Sun World has been a large contributor, with its six systems taking home 9 different Guinness World Records, including longest 3S, tallest cable car tower, and largest cable car cabin. Cable cars create cheaper and less intrusive transportation alternatives to various places around the country, which allow tourists easier access to places of note.
  • Harborplace development may include a gondola alongside its other upgrades. The new gondola concept was included in renderings of the MCB Estates redevelopment release; the new renderings show two towers, one by Harbor East and the other north of Federal Hill Park. MCB commented that they are thinking about the future of Baltimore and how a gondola could make a good attraction and connector.
  • Work has begun on the longest cable car in Uttarakhand, India. The 5.5-kilometer long system will connect Dehradun to Mussoorie in a 15 minute ride, aiming to cut down the commute time and reduce traffic congestion in the area. The system will have 10-passenger cabins and a capacity of 1,300 passengers per hour per direction. POMA SAS France and SRM Engineering LLP have begun their work and plan to open in September 2026.
  • The Sterling Winery Gondola has reopens following the 2020 Glass Fire and refurbishment. The monocable detachable system (MDG) is now once again open to the public. The cabins provide 360-degree panoramic views of the valley on the journey up to the reopened hilltop winery. The new system replaced the old 1973 system with 8-passenger cabins and a new alignment to bring guests up the hill. SCJ Alliance, the parent company of the Gondola Project, had been retained to provide gondola expertise for this project. See a related weekly roundup here.
Photo credits to Jim G, CC BY 2.0 DEED, via Flickr.

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