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Cable Car Confidential

The Essential Guide to Cable Cars, Urban Gondolas & Cable Propelled Transit

“The single most valuable database on the subject.”    – The Atlantic Cities

“The Gondola Project team meet our exacting criteria and have been extremely generous in sharing their expertise.” – B. Robinson

“No equivalent on the web when it came, and no equivalent still—a rich, professional and dynamic platform!” – P. Roux

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One Of The World’s Fastest Growing Transit Technologies—Decoded

Cable cars, urban gondolas and cable transit systems are one of the fastest growing and dynamic transportation technologies in the world today.

As more and more cities around the world race to build ever-more complex transit networks, cable cars are rapidly being deployed to help solve those problems. If you’re engaged in the city, infrastructure or transit planning industries, don’t miss out.

Cable Car Confidential is precisely what transport planners, consultants and engineers need in order to speak intelligently about this little-known technology and compete for the growing number of cable car projects around the world.

A Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use Resource

If you’re a busy professional, academic, transit authority or investor who needs to learn about cable car technology, then Cable Car Confidential has been crafted with you in mind.

We’ve stripped away all the boring technical language and edited everything down to its core. What’s left is a premium information product that’s thoroughly professional yet fun and user-friendly—designed in a way that will save you countless hours of gathering and compiling data of your own.

Over 20 Systems Profiled—More Than 120 Pages of Full-Color Content

Cable Car Confidential is the product of over 5 years of first-hand research. Not only do we explain what Cable Propelled Transit is and how it works, we’ve also painstakingly included financial and technical data from many of the most important urban cable car systems around the world. This data will arm you with all the tools you need to make informed and accurate decisions about a cable car project of your or your clients’ own.

Most importantly, the information contained in Cable Car Confidential is 100% independent. No cable car suppliers or manufacturers assisted in its creation nor had any influence on its contents.

More Than 4 Decades of Experience

Cable Car Confidential is written by The Gondola Project’s team of Steven Dale, Nick Chu and ropeway industry veteran, Tino Imhäuser.

When you purchase Cable Car Confidential, you’re purchasing their combined 45 years of experience working with cable car technology. You’ll gain insights into how to best start an urban cable car project of your own and benefit from research generated from their global network of trusted industry contacts.

Trust the World’s Most Trusted Cable Car Resource

The Gondola Project has now been posting live on the internet for over 1,200 days, is continually profiled by major media outlets around the world, and is read by over 15,000 people per month. It is, quite simply, the world’s most read and most trusted cable car resource on the internet.

The Gondola Project’s founder, Steven Dale, wrote the english-speaking world’s first literature review on urban cable cars, has lectured at major planning events around the world including the UN’s World Urban Forum, and has been published in peer-reviewed transport journals including the American Society of Civil Engineers’ prestigious Journal of Transportation Engineering. 

Tino Imhäuser, meanwhile, is a lifetime veteran of the cable car industry having worked as a technician, project manager and designer on dozens of systems around the world.

When you buy Cable Car Confidential, you’re buying the most authoritative, trusted and reliable resource available on the topic.

Delivered Instantly

Cable Car Confidential is being offered only as a downloadable PDF. Once payment has been processed, you’ll receive an email with a link that allows you to download the document immediately. It will be password protected with the email address you provide us.

No shipping fees. No postage. No waiting for the postman. You get it immediately.

A Valuable Resource at a Reasonable Price

Cable Car Confidential is being offered at special introductory price of $149 (US).

For a price lower than what most professional consultants bill for a single hour of their time, you’ll receive the most comprehensive, complete and easy-to-use resource ever created on the subject of urban cable cars—and the time you’ll save by using this guide will be worth far more than its purchase price.

If you need to learn about cable cars quickly, easily and cost-effectively, then Cable Car Confidential is your best choice.

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