Get Involved

The Gondola Project relies heavily on its readers, contributors and commentators. Here are a few ways you can get involved:


Email us

We promise to read it.

Write a guest post

You can check out these sample posts about the Skyrail, Ngong Ping 360Maokong Gondola and the Heights of Abraham.

Comment on the site

Profusely. Feel free to engage in (respectful) debate.
We read all your comments, and try our best to respond accordingly.

Start your own Cable-Propelled Transit site

If you have any ideas or questions about how to do this, we’d be happy to help.

Share something interesting

You can always send us tips, links or interesting tidbits about cable transit or anything other transit-related item you come across.

Spread the word

Should you be a regular user or contributor to an online forum that deals with transit, policy or urban issues in general, consider introducing the idea of urban gondolas or cable transit there.

Start a conversation

Introduce the idea of cable transit to other people. You’d be surprised how interested people are in this topic.

Plan a Gondola

Propose a conceptual urban gondola or cable transit line in your own city or community.

Bring us Along

Invite us to speak to your workplace, community group or volunteer organization about cable transit.

Stum-twee-book us.

Because we can be social too.
If you’re a regular user of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – or really, any social networking service you subscribe to or enjoy – considering sharing one of your favourite Gondola Project posts (or the site in general) via one of those services.