About The Gondola Project


The Gondola Project is an urban application designed to increase knowledge about Cable Propelled Transit (CPT) and achieve uptake of the technology in the urban environment.


Mass urban transit is fundamental to the cities of the future.

Trouble is, governments are increasingly broke, land is scarce and the cost of transit infrastructure keeps rising. In his work, urban planner and researcher Steven Dale noticed that a technology called Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT or cable for short) was a capable and proven form of mass transit that also happened to be remarkably cost-effective.

The only problem was this: Virtually no one knew anything about it and what they did know was often inaccurate.

Knowing this, Steven created The Gondola Project in mid 2009 to help people understand the confusing world of CPT.


The Gondola Project is one of the many endeavors of Creative Urban Projects, (CUP Projects or CUP for short) a small planning shop in Toronto, Canada with international experience in cable projects and research.

Learn more at www.creativeurbanprojects.com or click on the company logo below.