Gondola Project In the News

Below is a selection of articles, interviews and publications Gondola Project has been featured in.

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CBC — May 01, 2022
Cities in Western Canada consider gondolas as part of transit, tourism plans

Daily Journal of Commerce — December 24, 2020
SkyLink has aerial solution to West Seattle gridlock

Axios — November 19, 2020
Air gondolas could one day dot the U.S. urban landscape

Vice — March 28, 2018
Urban Gondolas Offer Low-Tech Relief to Traffic-Jammed Cities

Curbed — September 21, 2017
11 urban gondolas changing the way people move

CBS News — May 17, 2019 (4:38)
Gridlock: Seeking a 21st century solution to an age-old problem

Next — March 7, 2017
Cable Cars Are Changing the World

90.5 WESA — December 22, 2016
Commuting Could Be Faster, Easier, And Involve Flying Through The Air

Wall Street Journal — June 06, 2016
Uphill Climb: Cities Push Gondolas on Skeptical Commuters

Bloomberg Business — June 02, 2016
High Above the Gridlock, Gondola Riders Join Urban Commuters

The American Prospect — February 26, 2016
D.C., Northern Virginia Go For Gondolas: The Answer to Urban Congestion?

The Guardian — June 6, 2015
Urban cable cars: from transport solution to tourist attraction

Mass Transit — September 22, 2014
East River Skyway Would Alleviate Growing NYC Transportation Congestion

CNN — September 18, 2014
Skypods: Are gondolas the next big thing in urban transport?

Urban Land Institute — March 19, 2014
Transit Planners Look to the Sky with Cable Cars, Gondolas

Mashable — July 3, 2013
Can Gondolas Fix Urban Transportation Woes?

Bloomberg CityLab — April 09, 2013
The Golden Age of Gondolas Might Be Just Around the Corner

Cities Today — March 27, 2013
The search for alternative transport solutions

National Post — March 9, 2012
Over the top: Transit planners look to gondolas to put an end to urban gridlock

Urban Omnibus — January 06, 2010
Off the Road and Into the Skies

The Transport Politic — June 14, 2010
Searching for Interest in the Daily Commute

New Geography — February 14, 2010
The compelling case for the cable car

Planetizen — June 10, 2010
South America Incubates Cable Propelled Transit

US Infrastructure — January 13, 2010
Is the future cable-propelled?

Associated Press — December 25, 2016
Not just for skiers: Gondolas seen as urban transit solution