The Gondola Project’s Cable Car Team


Steven Dale, Cable Car PlannerSteven Dale


Steven Dale is the Founding President of Creative Urban Projects Inc.  (CUP Projects) and the original creator of The Gondola Project website. He is a planner, researcher and designer who specializes in Cable Propelled Transit systems and wrote the first literature review on the subject in the English-speaking world.

Steven has managed and developed projects around the globe; is frequently profiled in major media outlets; has co-published several peer reviewed journal articles; and travels constantly in order to help educate people about the unique value that cable transit systems can offer urban environments. He is a Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT) specialist with several years experience researching and consulting on the matter.

Steven’s a skilled and well-trained public speaker and would be happy to talk with your organization, company or group about CPT. For details on having Steven speak at your event or university; or if you’re an NGO, private practice or government agency and are interested in Cable-Propelled Transit, drop him a line.

You can reach him at

Want to learn more about how Steven initially started working on this idea? Click here.

Nick Chu, Cable Car ResearcherNicholas Chu


Nicholas Chu is an urban planner with CUP. Nick has worked extensively on transport planning projects and feasibility studies in Canada and abroad. Throughout his academic and professional career, Nick has featured prominently in projects both with the private and public sectors.

He is one of the few planners in the world with an intimate understanding of cable transit technologies and is a regular contributor to CUP’s Gondola Project website. Nick is frequently invited to transportation planning conferences around the world to speak on the matter of cable transit systems in urban environments.

Nick is an honours graduate from the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning Program, specializing in Land Development Planning.