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Dec 22, 2023
Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Dodger Stadium Gondola System Inching Closer to Construction

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  • LA ART final environmental impact report (EIR) released by LA Metro. The report is over 3,700 pages and outlines the benefits of the gondola system and potential negative impacts on the environment during construction. The project is anticipated to eliminate 3,000 vehicles from the Dodger Stadium parking lot each game. The LA Metro board is set to vote on the EIR in January. If all goes well, the new system could be up and running by the 2028 Olympics. SCJ Alliance, the parent company of the gondola project, is retained for gondola expertise on this project.
  • Monorail to be replaced by cable car system at the Newark Airport in New Jersey. Port Authority has approved two contracts totaling $950 million for the project. Doppelmayr has been awarded the first-phase contract. The system will be designed similarly to those present in airports in Mexico City and Las Vegas and will feature 5 cars in a row. Construction on the system is expected to begin in 2025 and be completed in 2029. The new system will replace a troubled monorail, which was initially constructed for $354 Million in 1996.
  • First ever Karaoke Gondola launched by Ricola on Männlichen Cable Car in Switzerland. Two new gondola cabins allow guests to select from 36 different hits, grab the two microphones and sing away on the 20-minute ride through the Swiss Alps. The new cabins also feature a built-in camera for snapping a picture of the experience. The grand opening for these new cabins was December 9th as they now rotate on the line for anyone to participate.
  • Steamboat Resort opens North’s America’s longest and fastest 10-person gondola. The new Wild Blue Gondola connects the base to a the top of Sunshine Peak in 13 minutes. The system spans 3.16 miles and runs at 7 meters per second on its second leg. The system carries 171 cabins and has the largest direct drive in the world as well as the largest diameter haul rope in North America. Construction for the system began in spring 2022 with the first leg being completed last winter season. Now with the full launch, the system opens up an additional 600 acres of terrain for skiers. This long and high-speed gondola system increased the capacity from the base of the mountain from 6,000 people to 10,000 people per hour. SCJ Alliance, the parent company of the gondola project, is retained for gondola expertise on this project.
Image credits to Pix4free (CC0).

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