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Apr 01, 2016
3S, Infrastructure, Innovations, Technologies, Thoughts

The Irony of Cable Car Pranks on April Fools

For those who haven’t noticed yet, it’s April Fools today. Of course, this means that a few media outlets have gone to great lengths to have a little fun and punk their audiences. For gondolas, we’ve found two great stories so far: 1) A “green-lit” water-crossing cable car for the Isle of Wight, UK; and 2) A city-wide...

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Jan 26, 2016

Rider’s Digest: Leitner Ropeways’ Tricable Gondola Lifts

The following summarizes 16-page glossy brochure on LEITNER’s 3S system. Also known as ‘tricable gondolas’, they have single haul rope and two carrying ropes. Tricable gondolas features detachable grips and offers the highest transport capacity of all aerial technologies. They guarantee increased wind resistance and can also cross major spans of over 2,500 meters between towers. Cabins can be...

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May 01, 2013

The New Taris 3S Cabin From CWA

It’s been a busy month for me what with Interalpin, Alpipro and the launch of our new Guide to Gondolas, hence the spareness of posts for the last couple of weeks. Now that I’m back into the swing of things though, I’m going to spend the next few posts discussing some of the highlights of...

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Jun 17, 2010
3S, Gondola, Research Issues

The Confusion Behind 3S, MDG and BDG

In yesterday’s post, I alluded to the bizarre nature of term “3S.” Let me explain – and I warn you, this will make your head hurt: The cable industry differentiates technologies like Monocable Detachable Gondolas (MDG) and Bi-Cable Detachable Gondolas (BDG) based upon the ropes/cables used. Great, you say. That makes sense. Monocables use one...

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Jun 16, 2010

Aerial Technologies, Lesson 7: 3S

Image by jonwick04. One of the rarest and most exciting (at least from an urban perspective) of all aerial cable systems is the 3S.

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Feb 07, 2010
3S, Aerial Trams, Gondola, Peak 2 Peak, Urban Planning & Design

The Peak 2 Peak (Part 3)

  Last month I toured Whistler’s Peak 2 Peak cable gondola system. This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on the system. Click on the following links to view Part 1 and Part 2. Most aerial cable systems offer a smooth ride. What little friction there is, is rarely felt by the rider. Except,...

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