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Nov 25, 2015
Ask Tino, Infrastructure, Innovations, Questions, Statistics and Specifications

Maximum Travel Speed for a Cable Car

We recently received a great question from reader Roberto: I was wondering what is the maximum speed now registered in the world for a cable car. So far I know, reversible cable cars (43 kph, Portland, USA) go faster than the well known loop cable cars (27 kph, Val d’Isère, France), which is not clear to...

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Jul 22, 2013
Ask Tino

Ask Tino: Limiting Speeds of Cable Propelled Transit, Gondolas and Trams?

Earlier this summer, we wanted to introduce a new segment to the Gondola Project called: Ask Tino. The purpose of this feature is to allow readers to ask technical cable car questions. In turn, Tino Imhäuser, the Gondola Project’s veteran ropeway technician will personally help answer any of your inquiries. So to kick this off...

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