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Nov 20, 2009
Basic Lessons

Basic Lesson 5: Propulsion

Unlike traditional vehicles, CPT vehicles do not have an onboard engine or motor. Propulsion is provided by an off-board engine that moves a cable.  Vehicles are equipped with a grip used to attach and detach the vehicle to the cable. The vehicle is therefore propelled by the cable which itself is propelled by engines and...

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Nov 17, 2009
Basic Lessons

Basic Lesson 4: Support

In Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT) support describes the guideway along which a vehicle travels. Support can either be provided from above the vehicle (in the case of Gondolas and Aerial Trams) or below the vehicle (in the case of Funiculars and Cable Cars). Support can either by provided by rails or cables.  In all but the...

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Nov 13, 2009
Aerial Trams, Basic Lessons, Funiculars

Basic Lesson 3: Aerial Trams & Funiculars

There are two minor sub-groups of CPT technology:  Aerial Trams and Funiculars. Aerial Trams are like larger Gondolas.  I’ll discuss this technology in greater detail later. Generally speaking, however, Aerial Trams are (relative to Gondolas) an out-dated mode of Cable-Propelled Transit.  Compared with Gondola technology, Aerial Trams exhibit longer wait times between vehicles; lower line...

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Nov 10, 2009
Basic Lessons, Cable Cars, Gondola

Basic Lesson 2: Gondolas & Cable Cars

There are two major sub-groups of Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT) technology:  Gondolas and Cable Cars. Gondolas are supported and propelled from above by cables.  Most people are familiar with this technology as used in alpine ski-resorts, however it is finding increased usage in non-alpine urban regions. Cable Cars on the other hand, are supported and propelled...

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Nov 07, 2009
Basic Lessons

Basic Lesson 1: What is Cable-Propelled Transit?

Simply speaking, Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT) is a transit technology that moves people in motor-less, engine-less vehicles that are propelled by a steel cable. Proceed to Basic Lesson 2 to learn about Gondolas & Cable Cars

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Nov 05, 2009
Basic Lessons, Ngong Ping 360, Research Issues

The Basics

Sometimes people want to answer complex questions when most people looking for answers just want the basics. When I first began this work, there was one really basic question about Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT) that dogged me and no one could answer it.  It was a question that also dogged the think tank that first sponsored...

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