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Feb 16, 2012
Calgary Gondola, Proposals & Concepts

Media Reaction to Calgary Gondola

Yesterday, in collaboration with Centre City Talk, Steven Dale gave an presentation on urban gondolas and their applicability in Calgary, Canada. Steven was interviewed by CBC’s Dan Irvine on Calgary Eyeopener. If you’re interested in listening to the podcast and hear what Steven had to say, please click here (Urban gondola discussion starts at 15:08). After the...

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Dec 19, 2011
Calgary Gondola, Laval, Peak 2 Peak, Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola

World Class Alpine Resorts Near City = Urban Gondolas?

Since the Gondola Project’s inception two years ago, reception (for the most part) has been overwhelmingly positive with interest in gondola transit rising dramatically. (Thanks again everyone! Keep the emails/comments coming!). While there’s more work to be done, we’ve managed to successfully help bridge the knowledge gap between the institutions of city/transportation planning and urban...

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May 04, 2011
Calgary Gondola, Media & Blogs, Uncategorized

Win Some, Lose Some: Media Response To Urban Gondolas In Calgary

Considering how nascent the idea of urban gondola transit in Calgary is, it’s incredible to see how the media has pounced on it – and in some situations gotten the story completely wrong. More than likely, the media attention has been little more than a light-hearted distraction from the more serious business of Canada’s Federal...

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