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Mar 25, 2015
Capabilities & Competencies, Design Considerations, Engineering

Quick Dwell Times Demonstrated Again – Steinbergbahn

The topic of dwell times has always been a gripping issue on the Gondola Project (see here and here). Arguably, this talking point is now increasingly important as more urban cable cars are built. And let’s be honest, in today’s fast-paced city centers, no one wants to spend a few minutes sitting in a station. We previously witnessed 40 second dwell...

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Oct 16, 2013
Capabilities & Competencies, Koblenz Rheinseilbahn

Meet Wolfgang Laas, Koblenz Cable Car Engineer

Ever wonder what it takes to manage and operate an urban cable car? Well DW recently toured the Koblenz Rheinseilbahn and was able to speak to the man in charge, Wolfgang Laas. Wolfgang takes you thru the system and discusses some important points as to why gondolas can actually function better in cities than in alpine...

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Dec 23, 2010
Capabilities & Competencies, Caracas Metrocable, Medellin MetroCable

Dwell Times

True story: While I was touring the Caracas Metrocable earlier this year, myself and my guide were joined by an elderly gentleman in our gondola. Via my guide, I asked the man how he felt about the system. Did he like it? Any complaints? He said he loved it – except for all the time...

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Oct 29, 2010
Capabilities & Competencies

The Pace Of Innovation

Let’s consider the innovations the Cable Propelled Transit industry has developed, proven and/or popularized in the last 15 years: The 3S Corner turning Intermediary stations Full integration with other transit modes The Reintroduction of bottom-supported Cable Cars and Mini-Metros The Hybrid Funicular Heated Gondolas Air-Conditioned Gondolas Operability in winds above 100 km/hr (the Funitel) The...

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Oct 25, 2010
Capabilities & Competencies

5 Things The Cable Industry Could Do (To Improve Their Chances In The Urban Market)

Decrease Dwell Times – Current dwell times can reach up to 60 seconds for cable systems. Engineers I’ve talked to, however, have said that 3S dwell times can be reduced to 20 seconds. 20 seconds is far more palatable from a transit planning perspective and should become a more standard feature of cable systems. Increase...

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Aug 23, 2010
Capabilities & Competencies, Research Issues

What Happens When Lightning Strikes?

That was the question: What happens in the event of lightning? I recently had lunch with a group of individuals that included a cable engineer and lightning was was the topic of conversation. I asked him about the issue and what solutions had been engineered to avoid service disruptions due to it. Much to everyone’s...

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