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Conferences, Conferences, Conferences

Next month Nick Chu and I are going to be speaking at and/or attending a wide variety of conferences, trade shows and symposiums dealing with all sorts of urban-related things. Mostly, we’ll be there to speak about—you guessed it—cable cars.

So if you happen to be nearby one of the conferences listed below and have an interest in cable cars, urban gondolas and cable propelled transit; please drop by or send us an email and we’ll try to arrange a time to meet.

  • October 10 — 11, 2013. The Aster Foundation hosts its first Innovations in Sustainable Transportation Conference in Broomfield, Colorado. Gondola Project founder Steven Dale will be speaking on his experience educating people about using cable cars as mass public transit.
  • October 29 — 31, 2013. Cisco presents the Internet of Things World Forum in Barcelona, Spain. Gondola Project Founder Steven Dale will be sitting on a panel to discuss transportation innovations.

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