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Dec 17, 2012
Dursey Island Cable Car, Just For Fun, Medellin MetroCable

How to Deliver A Rolls Royce 2500m up a mountain

Throughout the years, we seen cable systems transport a lot of things — from cattle, to trucks, to noisy passengers. And today, we can officially add to this very special list a Rolls Royce Phantom. And in case you’re wondering how they did it, you can view a video of the whole shebang by clicking on this link. Enjoy!

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Aug 05, 2010
Dursey Island Cable Car, Installations, Oddities

The ‘Tin Can’ to Dursey Island

While I’d hardly suggest using the Dursey Island Cable Car as any sort of promotional material for cable transit, it’s certainly unique for reasons beyond the fact that the primary users of the system are sheep: (video starts in German but quickly switches to English) Seilbahn von Dursey Island Watch closely and you’ll see something...

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