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Dec 12, 2011
Gondola Project Forum, Just For Fun

Urban Skiing

Winter is almost upon us and here at Gondola Project, we love skiing but we also love the vivacity and vibrancy of urban living. The problem is, alpine facilities are located, most times, hours away from the city centre and driving your car there is such a pain in the butt (not to mention, highly...

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Aug 12, 2011
Gondola Project Forum, Innovations, Just For Fun, Oddities, Technologies, Thoughts

FORUM FRIDAYS: Gondolas to the Moon?

This week on the Gondola Project forum, in response to last week’s post about the future of aerial transit, there was a video response with the Jetson’s theme song displaying the idea of personalized flying mobiles. This got me thinking about both science fiction and outer space (since everything in that show appears to be...

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Aug 05, 2011
Gondola Project Forum

FORUM FRIDAYS: birds and the future of aerial transit

  I could recap what’s been happening on the Gondola Project Forum this week … or I could show you this cool Ted Talk about flying like a bird. I pick door 2: [ted id=1195] … and because it wont embed, check it out the intended video here: A robot that flies like a bird...

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Jul 29, 2011
Gondola Project Forum, Marketing Issues, Questions

Forum Fridays: Homemade Cable Systems

Would you go for a ride with the Flying Men of Yungas Valley? Thanks to everyone who visited and posted on the forum this past week. Introductions were made however no jokes were submitted so this week instead of featuring the best joke I’d like to post a new discussion topic: As we’ve seen on...

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Jul 22, 2011
Gondola Project Forum


Hello all and welcome to Forum Fridays. As Steven mentioned here, Fridays are now be dedicated to the Gondola Project Forum. For starters I’d like to tell everyone that yes! the Gondola Project has a forum. It’s still fairly new and despite some of the rather lengthy and epic conversations that often appear in the...

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Nov 15, 2010
Gondola Project Forum

The Gondola Project Forum Is Open (For Testing)

The Gondola Project Forum is now (finally) open for business. Sort of. We’re looking for a few testers/moderators to start using the forum, introduce topics, kick the wheels, break stuff, make suggestions and generally help us learn how to best utilize this new tool. After a few weeks of that, we’ll publish the link to...

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