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Aug 31, 2018
Information Request, Proposals & Concepts

Mexican Officials Wants to Start Construction on a Massive 8.4km Gondola

After the success of Mexico’s first urban gondola, the Mexicable, the country’s capital city is preparing to embark on another large cable car project. The concept of an urban gondola has been floating around for the last few years in Naucalpan, a municipality located northwest of Mexico City, but reports now suggest that the US$105...

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May 05, 2015
Information Request, Safety

Retro Cable Car Safety Video

Anglophone reader Paul Travis forwards us this old-school video about ropeway safety in German. Given our still nascent grasp of the language and the importance of cable car safety, we invite our German-speaking friends to help translate. (Google is getting better but we still wouldn’t trust it beyond ‘Please direct me to the local gondola...

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Jan 30, 2013
Information Request, Installations

Another Urban Gondola? Keçiören Teleferik in Ankara, Turkey

One of the great things about blogging on the Gondola Project is that you never stop learning. And this time, thanks to one of our long time followers, Giorgio, we’ve been informed about another urban gondola that’s allegedly been in operations since 2007. This system is called the Ankara-Keçiören Teleferik or simply the Keçiören Teleferik. We’ve tried...

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Nov 29, 2012
Cable Aéreo, Information Request

Information Request: Cable Aéreo, Jardín, Antioquia, Colombia

Here’s one we’ve never seen before in our lives and have no idea what it is or who built it or when. We know it’s located in Jardín in the Antioquia Province of Colombia, but that’s about it. At first glance it appears to be some kind of antique 3S technology, but it’s likely some...

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Nov 28, 2012
Information Request, Questions

Double Loading Chairlift – Quick Silver Quad

One of the great things about blogging on the Gondola Project is that we never stop learning. Recently, one of our readers sent us a link about a “Double Loading” chairlift called the Quick Silver Quad which operates in Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort.   Statistics from indicate that this system has a capacity of...

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Nov 21, 2012
Information Request

Information Request: Annual Reports of Gondola Systems

We’re conducting some specific research right now on cable transit systems around the world with a specific interest in the economic viability of the technology. As such, we’re looking for annual reports, budgets, balance sheets, ridership figures, etc. of whatever systems we can find. Obviously systems that originate and/or terminate in an urban area are...

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