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Dec 22, 2016
Aerotram / Toulouse

3S Urban Gondola Approved in Toulouse: Téléphérique Urbain Sud (“South Urban Cable Car”)

Toulouse is set to become the third French city to build an urban gondola (after Grenoble and Brest) and the first city in the world to implement 3S/TDG technology for pure public transit purposes. On December 21, local officials voted in favour of the 3km long “South Urban Cable Car” (French: Téléphérique Urbain Sud) and subsequently...

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Apr 10, 2013
Aerotram / Toulouse, Installations

Aerotram (Urban Gondola) in Toulouse, France Selects Architects – Expects to be ready by 2016/2017

Exciting news for CPT came out of Toulouse, France last week. Wilkinson Eyre — the team who designed the Emirates Air Line in London — has been chosen as the architects for the city’s urban gondola or “Aerotram” project. It appears that the proposal has been under investigation since 2009, and the existing alignment calls for a 2.6km...

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