Copper Canyon Tram



The Copper Canyon Tram

Mexico's Copper Canyon Tram. Image via the LA Times.

Yesterday, the LA Times reported on the world’s newest aerial tram, Mexico’s Copper Canyon Tram. According to the article, when at their highest, cabins are 1475 feet (450 meters) above the ground – 50 meters shy of being half a kilometer off the earth!

If those figures turn out to be true (and I see no reason why they wouldn’t be), this would therefore be the highest aerial ropeway system in the world, eclipsing the previous record of 436 meters held by Whistler’s Peak 2 Peak.

Built for just $29.4 million USD, this 2.73 km long system has a per kilometer cost of just $10.75 million USD and demonstrates just how quickly cable is changing. After all, the Peak 2 Peak held its height record for less than 2 years.

The last ten years have shown how quickly cable systems can innovate, advance and push the envelope. It will be exciting to see what changes the industry has in store for us in the next ten years.

(Update: Please see comments below, as it appears the Copper Canyon Tram reaches an above-ground height of only 200m, not the 450 as reported by the LA Times.)

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