The (Air-Conditioned) Muttersbergbahn

For whatever reason the issue of air-conditioned gondolas seems to be a touchy subject around here at The Gondola Project. Everyone has a different opinion and no one seems to think it can happen.

So . . .

For everyone whose been asking (and there’s been a few), I’ve dug up the identity of the only known gondola system to be air-conditioned: It’s the Muttersbergbahn near Bludenz, Austria.

Details are still scant. I’m not sure if the system is still in operation or was a demonstration piece. Is each cabin air-conditioned or (like the Rheinseilbahn’s Urban Concept vehicles) were just a few selected to show the potential?

So while we don’t have all the information yet, we can say this: Battery-based gondola AC systems have been designed, tested and installed.

I’m sure that until someone sees it with their own two eyes, this will still be a matter of controversy and contention. But until then (hopefully), this should ease people’s worries.

As always, any German-speaking readers with more details are encouraged to post their findings in the comments. And – of course – I’ll endeavor to visit the system whenever time, schedule and budget permits.

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