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Jul 04, 2012
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What Can The San Francisco Cable Cars Teach London?

  If nothing else, the London Cable Car raises an interesting question: When should a transit line be fully fare-integrated into a transit network and when should it not. For those unfamiliar, an additional fare is required for people to ride the London Cable Car despite it, ostensibly, being a part of the overall Transport...

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Jan 17, 2012
San Francisco Cable Cars

Happy Cable Car Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Cable Car Day! On this very date in 1871 (that’s 141 years ago), the first cable car railway patent was bestowed upon Andrew Smith Hallidie. Legend has it that Hallidie invented the cable car after he saw a horse-drawn streetcar slip and fall on San Francisco’s steep roadways...

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Feb 02, 2011
History, San Francisco Cable Cars

All Movements Begin With A Small Step

Two arguments against the current state of cable transit are the rather short line lengths of existing systems and the relatively few systems that actually exist. Both arguments suggest that urban gondola transit is not yet ready for ‘prime time.’ Fair enough. It is, however, important to remember that all technologies start out modestly. No...

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Oct 19, 2010
Media & Blogs, San Francisco Cable Cars

Market Street Film Mystery Unravelled

Back in January I posted an historical archive film of the San Francisco Cable Cars. The film is historically important for numerous reasons, not the least of which being its date. Filmed mere days before the Great Earthquake of 1906, this video stands as one of the most vivid documentations of San Francisco before the...

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Feb 20, 2010
Cable Cars, San Francisco Cable Cars, Thoughts, Urban Planning & Design

California and Powell

Last night I went for a ride in San Francisco. I was on the west coast learning about various cable systems and I was at the end of a long week of traveling and research. I needed room to clear my head, get out of the hotel. I found myself jumping on a cable car at...

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Dec 30, 2009
Analysis, Grip Module, Research Issues, San Francisco Cable Cars, Thoughts, Urban Planning & Design

Grip Module, Lesson 3: Attachable Grips

The exception to Detachable Grips are what I like to think of as Attachable Grips. This concept is best exemplified by the familiar San Francisco Cable Cars. I will not go into a long description about the technology. Instead, I’d like to point you to Joe Thompson’s Cable Car Guy website which does an excellent job...

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