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Dec 04, 2015
Design Considerations, Fatzer, Lessons, Technology

“Rope Is Just Rope, Isn’t It?” (Fatzer’s Surprisingly Different Stabilo® Rope)

Wondering whether choice of rope really matters? Look at it this way: If you were responsible for building a tram in your city, wouldn’t you want to know all you could about the track? Awhile back, the Gondola Project posted an article about the often-overlooked issue of the weight-bearing cable or “rope” is it’s known...

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Nov 02, 2011
Koblenz Rheinseilbahn, Lessons, Portland Aerial Tram, White Card

Introducing White Cards

Here at the Gondola Project we’ve been busy producing what we’re calling WHITE CARDS — a new learning tool for those interested in Cable Propelled Transit. They’re basically a quick-read version of a white paper: The series kicks off with cards on Major CPT Systems. Each card provides basic information on the system (with images...

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Jan 12, 2010

Aerial Technologies, Lesson 1: Introduction

With most traditional transit technologies, there is little consideration about the variations within that technology. A bus is a bus; a streetcar is a streetcar; and a subway is a subway. Sure, there’s variation between suppliers and models, but those differences are negligible compared to the overall technologies themselves. That’s one of the real competitive...

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Jan 03, 2010
Analysis, Gondola, Grip Module, Lessons, Research Issues, Urban Planning & Design

Grip Module, Lesson 4: Corners

Corners are important because all cities have them. If your transit technology cannot turn corners, you cannot exist in cities. It’s just that simple. As I said before, however, no one has taken the time to explicitly and simply explain how cable deals with them. For those who’ve never encountered Cable Propelled Transit before, you...

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