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Jan 04, 2012
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The Gondola Project Profiled In The Toronto Star (Again)

Yesterday The Gondola Project was featured in The Toronto Star in a piece called Looking to the skies for answers: A second look at gondola transit. It was, for all intents and purposes, a follow-up piece to their story from 2 years ago about the work we’ve been doing around these parts (which landed on...

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Oct 12, 2011
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Urban Gondola Transit in Toronto?

Dear Toronto: You might have heard today on CBC’s Metro Morning an interview with myself, Steven Dale, the Founder of The Gondola Project and Founding Principal at Creative Urban Projects. Typically, such press causes The Gondola Project to experience a rather large surge in traffic from whatever given geographic region is discussing the idea. As such: Welcome...

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May 04, 2011
Calgary Gondola, Media & Blogs, Uncategorized

Win Some, Lose Some: Media Response To Urban Gondolas In Calgary

Considering how nascent the idea of urban gondola transit in Calgary is, it’s incredible to see how the media has pounced on it – and in some situations gotten the story completely wrong. More than likely, the media attention has been little more than a light-hearted distraction from the more serious business of Canada’s Federal...

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Oct 19, 2010
Media & Blogs, San Francisco Cable Cars

Market Street Film Mystery Unravelled

Back in January I posted an historical archive film of the San Francisco Cable Cars. The film is historically important for numerous reasons, not the least of which being its date. Filmed mere days before the Great Earthquake of 1906, this video stands as one of the most vivid documentations of San Francisco before the...

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Aug 13, 2010
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Urban Gondolas Bound Over The Competition

This week I was interviewed by the awesomely-named Chikodi Chima of the transit site start-up AltTransport. Check out the results: Urban Gondolas Bound Over The Competition.

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Aug 12, 2010
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Hollywood Says You’re A Loser (If You Don’t Drive A Car)

A week and a half ago, Tom Vanderbilt of Slate magazine wrote a fantastic article entitled Dude, Where’s Your Car? How not having a car became Hollywood shorthand for loser. It’s an eye-opening and persuasive article whose central thesis is this: Hollywood films depict characters who don’t own/drive cars as worthless human beings that are...

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Jul 02, 2010
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How Is This Even Possible?

A couple of days ago, Yonah Freemark published some statistics that should trouble anyone in the North American transit world: Los Angeles plans a 13.8 km long subway line at a total cost of $6 billion. That works out to $435 million per kilometer. Not to be outdone, New York is planning a 2.7 km...

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Jun 15, 2010
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Cable Misunderstandings on The Transport Politic

Yonah Freemak, the tireless creator of The Transport Politic yesterday wrote about The Gondola Project and a piece I wrote for Planetizen. Yonah takes the perspective that cable transit is an enjoyable, interesting technology and wades into the Form vs. Function debate I highlighted recently. Yonah is an excellent writer, one whom I respect deeply....

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Jun 11, 2010
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Urban Gondolas as Disruptive Technology

You can find today’s post over at Planetizen, the world’s largest urban planning related website. In their features section (the scrolling banner at the top of the page) you’ll find a column I wrote for them this week entitled South America Incubates Cable Propelled Transit. The column focuses on how South America, like it did...

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Jun 07, 2010
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Portland Tram Gets Mid-Air Maintenance

Oregon’s Daily Journal of Commerce has an utterly fascinating and informative article here about the replacement of the Portland Aerial Tram’s haul rope. The team that conducted the rope replacement did so in mid air on an aerial staircase known as a splicing bridge. They’ve even got a picture of it. It’s a great read....

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