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Mar 02, 2018
LEITNER, Montjuïc Funicular

LEITNER Ropeways Modernizes Montjuïc Funicular

The Montjuïc Funicular in Barcelona, Spain has been providing passengers with quick, reliable, and convenient transportation to the hill of Montjuïc since it was built in 1928 for the World Exhibition. The 718m long cable-hauled line was then renewed in preparation for a flux of visitors who arrived in the City during the 1992 Summer...

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Jan 30, 2014
Barcelona, Montjuïc Funicular

System Profile: Montjuïc Funicular, Barcelona

As we know, public transit agencies rarely implement cable transit solutions within their networks (hence this website), and when they do, they tend to implement them not as fully-integrated components of their network but rather as isolated, independent components (here or here for example). They’re treated kind of like that awkward, sticky-fingered step-cousin you only...

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