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Dec 01, 2015
Doppelmayr, Marketing Issues, New Ideas, Uncategorized

What Would a Ropeway Look Like in Your Hometown? Try Doppelmayr’s Ropeway Configurator

Last year, Doppelmayr introduced a “ropeway configurator”, which anyone can sign up for and try out. It’s a simple suite of online tools you use to visualize key elements of a virtual cable car system. The configurator’s utility is limited but it does provide a great way to begin conversations about creating real ropeways. In...

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Jul 20, 2015
Engineering, Innovations, New Ideas, Oddities

Ropeways for Waves Have Dudes Everywhere “Like Totally Stoked!”

Surfing is not just for beach boys and Internet users any more. Using LEITNER Ropeway’s DirectDrive technology, Wavegarden has partnered with the South Tyrolean company to design a system that creates the world’s longest artificial surfing wave. Consider the confluence: mountain technology bringing ocean shore culture inland. The system generates continuous waves with ropeway technology...

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