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Nov 15, 2009
Aerial Trams, Analysis, Portland Aerial Tram

Not Over My Back Yard

Here’s an example of how not to implement Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT) in an urban area. The Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) desired a direct connection between their two campuses in Portland, Oregon; one at the bottom of a mountain, another at the top. A CPT system was a logical choice. I won’t discuss what I...

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Nov 02, 2009
Aerial Trams, History, Portland Aerial Tram, Roosevelt Island Tram

No City Wants To Be First . . .

but every city wants to be second. The competitive drive to be number one just doesn’t seem to permeate City Hall and that’s understandable.  Infrastructure is terribly expensive and no politician or planner wants to embarrass themselves by green-lighting a future white elephant. Cities are therefore remarkably conservative when it comes to infrastructure.  Cities tend...

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