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Apr 14, 2015
Analysis, La Paz, Thoughts

It’s a ‘Disruptive Game-Changer’ But Still There’s Much Ground to Cover

Last month, Dopplemayr made a big splash is the ropeway transit industry. They inked a deal worth nearly a half billion US dollars, for six new ropeway cable car lines in the neighbouring Latin American municipalities of La Paz and El Alto. Another 20km will be added to the existing ropeway system over the next...

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Jul 16, 2014
La Paz, La Paz Urban Gondolas

5 More Urban Cable Cars Announced in La Paz, Bolivia

It appears that 3 cable car lines in La Paz-El Alto weren’t enough to solve the transportation challenges in the Bolivian capital. This week, President Morales, has announced plans for the second phase of the city’s Cable Propelled Transit (CPT) network. And this time around, the project is even more ambitious and more grandiose than the last....

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Dec 04, 2013
La Paz

La Paz Teleféricos – Update (December 2013)

As some of our readers may know, the 3 cable car lines currently under construction in La Paz, Bolivia are due to open early next year. Unfortunately, language barriers sometimes makes gathering intel from South America difficult. Luckily though, we do have a large international audience who are kind enough to forward us information —...

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Aug 01, 2012
La Paz

La Paz Teleferico – Update

A couple weeks ago, we discovered that La Paz, Bolivia was planning to build 3 new CPT lines. However, some of the reported numbers seemed a little “off” to say the least. Based on the figures previously provided, the cable lifts would operate at speeds up to 50-60km/h! In my attempt to set things straight,...

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Jul 13, 2012
La Paz, Proposals & Concepts

Weekly Roundup: La Paz, Bolivia plans 10km of cable.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of cable cars, urban gondolas, and cable propelled transit: La Paz will soon become the fourth major city in South America to build CPT. There are 3 systems planned. The total length of the lines are approximately 10km and the...

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