Spokane Urban Gondola



Say ‘Hi’ To The Spokane Urban Gondola

I recently discovered a new site advocating for Urban Gondolas in Spokane, Washington. I have no idea the person(s) behind the site and it’s currently slim on details, but that’s okay. After all, it’s only a couple months old and these things take time to build up content, community and resources.

Refreshingly, there’s no route or alignment proposed. The author, Selkirk, is candid and simply posits: Why not a gondola?

Why not, indeed?

This is an important step forward. Someone took the time and energy to do something; to say something and reach out to the world. In essence, they’ve expanded, localized and focused the Cable Propelled Transit community and that’s what’s needed here.

I can shout gondola! all I want, but it won’t do a thing until others take ownership of the idea, run with it and push it in whatever way they deem necessary.

So please, if you’re a regular reader of The Gondola Project (or even if you’re not), take the time to visit Selkirk’s site and leave him (or her) a message. Support him (or her). Offer to help. At the very least, say ‘hi.’

After all, starting a website and/or blog is hard work. Sometimes the only thing that keeps one going is the steady trickle of clicks, unique visitors and comments that indicate some small part of the world hears them.

Let’s make sure Selkirk knows we’re listening.

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