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May 25, 2011
Uncategorized, Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola

Gondola Transit on Burnaby Mountain: Public Engagement and Flawed Analysis

As most people know (or could easily assume), we’re pretty positive about the Burnaby Mountain Gondola proposal. We aren’t, however, zealots. We’re urbanists and planners first and foremost, gondola specialists second. We won’t mindlessly support any gondola that happens to be plunked down in any city. It’s got to make sense and be rationally thought out...

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Apr 23, 2011
London Cable Car, Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola, Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

A few highlights from around the world of Urban Gondola Transit and Cable Propelled Transit: Simon Fraser University’s The Peak is reporting that Burnaby city council gives the go-ahead to the Burnaby Mountain gondola transit system in suburban Vancouver. Advocates are quick to point out that this does not ensure the construction of the system...

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Apr 20, 2011
Advocacy Issues, London Cable Car, Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola

Is Gondola Transit Crossing The Rubicon?

Right now, there are two groups looking at urban gondola transit solutions: Developing World cities and Developed World cities. Pretty broad classification, I know, but bear with me. Curiously, in the Developed World the technology gets little attention from the public sector. Typically it’s the private sector that pushes these systems as little more than...

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Oct 05, 2010
Proposals & Concepts, Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola

The Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola

Voluntary Disclaimer: While I have had conversations with individuals associated with the Vancouver/Burnaby Gondola, I have no stake within this project. Furthermore, while a report I wrote on the topic of cable was referenced in the original feasibility analysis associated with this project, I have not been consulted on this project whatsoever. The opinions expressed...

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