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Dec 18, 2017
Schwyz Stoos Funicular

World’s Steepest Funicular Opens for Passenger Service in Stoos

We first found out about the Schywz-Stoos Funicular (German: Standseilbahn Schwyz–Stoos) five years ago when we went to visit friends in the small Swiss village of Stoos. After construction kicked off in July 2013, the long-awaited ropeway project has finally come to a completion. The world’s steepest funicular has a route length of 1,704m and climbs a jaw-dropping maximum...

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Aug 31, 2017
Installations, Schwyz Stoos Funicular

Schwyz Stoos Funicular Set to Open in December

In less than four months, one of the world’s steepest funiculars is scheduled to open for passenger service. The system, known as the Schwyz-Stoos Funicular (German: Standseilbahn Schwyz–Stoos), is located in Switzerland and will operate at a maximum gradient of 110%/47.7° during its journey between Schwyz and the ski resort / tourist village of Stoos....

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