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Aug 30, 2018
Design Considerations, VDNKh Ropeway

Pod Cabins Now Seen in Moscow!

About three weeks ago, a few “portal towers” were spotted in Moscow’s VDNKh amusement park. Today, it appears that a number of futuristic “space pod” cabins have now been mounted on the park’s ropeway as it prepares for testing and commissioning this Fall. We’re not sure where the designers got their inspiration from, but the...

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Aug 10, 2018
Installations, VDNKh Ropeway

Portal Towers Seen in Moscow

With the growth of urban gondolas in the cities, architects have naturally begun to experiment with more unique ropeway designs. One particular element of a cable car which has received significant attention is the design of towers. For instance, decision-makers in cities such as Portland and London have built one-of-a-kind towers to add a touch...

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