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Namsan Cable Car – Improving Access to Urban Recreation

Seoul, the South Korean capital of over 10 million residents, is considered one the world’s most exciting metropolitan cities with an unique blend of ancient palaces juxtaposed next to modern skyscrapers.

Today after 50 years of rapid growth and industrialization, the city’s transportation system is made up of an incredible (and admittedly, dizzying) network of subways, buses, taxis and yes, even a cable car!

Last week, I had to chance to hop aboard the Korea’s first aerial passenger ropeway, the Namsan Cable Car (남산 케이블카).

Bottom station. Image by Nicholas Chu.

Bottom station. Image by Nicholas Chu.

As the city urbanized in the 1960s, Seoul quickly became densely populated. To enhance access to greenspace and recreation, the cable car was built.

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