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Constantine Telepherique Celebrates 12 Million Passengers, Announces 2 More Lines

Constantine Telepherique - Station Tatache Belkacem. Image from Wikipedia.

The Constantine Telepherique in Constantine, Algeria officially held celebrations for its 12 million passengers (in French) last week. Since it opened in June 2008, the system averaged approximately 3 million riders per year. Not too shabby for a 1.5km cable system in a city with only half a million residents. If the statistics hold true, the system carries more passengers annually than the Portland Aerial Tram and Roosevelt Island Tram combined!

Based on these facts, it appears that while the Constantine Telepherique is likely one of the most successful CPT systems, it unfortunately continues to be one of the least understood in the English-speaking world. In fact, similar to what happened in Medellin where one successful CPT line stimulated the need to build more cable lines, the city’s Director of Transportation has announced a proposal to construct two more cable lifts in Constantine! If they are built, the city will match the total number of CPT lines currently operating in Medellin.

One of proposed lines is expected to connect to Bekira Hospital while the second line links downtown to the Sidi Mabrouk district. We’ll be sure to follow this story and provide more updates as they become available.


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