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Angry Birds Cable Car – Singapore Cable Car

Angry Bird gondola cabin. Image from

If you happen to be fan of both the Angry Birds video game and cable cars, you may wanna book a trip to Singapore as soon as possible. The Singapore Cable Car has just redesigned and retrofitted 30 of their cabins to celebrate the opening of an Angry Birds theme park on Mount Faber.

Guests riding the gondola will receive a complementary Angry Birds face mask and mocktail. Image from

Upon arrival to the theme park, guests can participate in an Angry Birds game booth. To add to the “bizarreness” during June, three of the cabins will, depict the Angry Birds chasing after an evil green pig. What exactly that means I have no idea, but if somehow one of our loyal readers does happen to be in Singapore at that time please let us know.

While this design theme may appear silly at first, I think this is another great example of how cable car operators can use a CPT system as a marketing tool. This attracts attention and garner interest in the system. An urban gondola applying similar marketing principles may also spur additional ridership.

The reason I say this is because as we’ve discussed in the past, adding a bit of fun to transit greatly impacts people’s interest in public transport.

In the meantime, for more information and pictures about this promotional event, check out the Singapore Cable Car Facebook page here.

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