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Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu: Auto-Rickshaws


Slow, clunky traditional bus transport ain't got nothing on them zippy auto-rickshaws. Image by flickr user eyesore9.

A quick look at some of the things that makes auto-rickshaws/tuktuks in your city work (or not):

Auto-rickshaws/tuktuks: Half golf-cart, half motorcycle

Origin: Daihatsu Midget & Piaggio Ape C

Top speed: 40km/h

Cost: $6,500

Cost of “green” tuktuks: $10,000

Largest producer of auto-rickshaws in world: India

India’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit: “They (auto rickshaws) are uncomfortable and pollute the environment”

Number of auto-rickshaw drivers in India: 5 million

Number of lives dependent on the income of these drivers: 20 million

Number of members in Federation of All Delhi Auto Taxi Transporters Congress: 22,000

Number of female auto-rickshaw drivers: 1, Sunita

Monthly salary of auto-rickshaw drivers: 7000-8000 rupees ($155-180)

Transport typology with the least involvement and contribution to traffic accidents in Mumbai: Auto-rickshaws

Percentage of emissions an auto-rickshaw produces compared to a car: 78% less

Mileage: 2.85 L/100km

Smart Car mileage: 4.4 L/100km

World’s first wifi equipped auto-rickshaws: Cambodia

World’s smallest theatre: Auto-rickshaw Backseat

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