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Berlin’s Urban Ropeway Chugging Along (International Horticultural Exhibition / IGA 2017)

Exactly one year today, the International Horticultural Exhibition/IGA 2017 (German: Internationale Gartenausstellung 2017) in Berlin, Germany will begin.

To meet the upcoming deadline, construction work on the event and its cable car system has made significant headways. Just last month the gondola lift, built by LEITNER Ropeway, broke ground and yesterday, online media suggests that a half dozen towers have already been erected.

Photos from ski and rail forums in Germany confirm that civil and station infrastructure works is well underway.

Station and civil works and tower. Image by Bahnstern.

Station and tower. Image by Bahnstern.

Tower. Image by Bernstern.

First support tower. Image by Bernstern.

Tower. Image by Bahnstern.

Another support tower. Image by Bahnstern.

The 1.5km, 3 station urban cable car will be connected to the city’s U5 subway. This will not only enhance the system’s integration with rapid transit but also improve sustainable transport options for visitors.

For those who wish to continue tracking the system’s construction, you might not want to blink.

By the end of April, electromechanical components for the stations and towers are planned for completion. Subsequently, the cable will be strung and the cabins will be mounted. If there aren’t any bumps in the road, system testing will begin in the summer!

This incredibly quick turn around time is definitely a reminder of the speeds that are possible for urban gondola construction — a massive advantage for cities looking to install and improve their urban transport systems in a short period of time.

If you happen to live in or pass by Berlin, free tours of the construction site are offered every third Thursday of each month. And believe it or not, a live webcam is installed on site so fans worldwide can follow along from the comforts of their own home. Super cool!

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