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A Quick Contest: Highest Bicycle Usage In The World?

Image by flickr user Roger Wollstadt.

The Gondola Project isn’t just about Urban Gondolas (though it primarily is). It’s about thinking about our cities and public transit systems in different ways. It’s about being multi-modal and understanding that there are literally dozens of solutions to our problems and being open to all of them.

Despite that, we’ve been rather negligent about discussing bicycles as transportation in cities. So to kick off that conversation, we’re going to have a little contest:

What city in the western world has the greatest percentage of bicycle usage?

Submit your answers in the comments below.

First person to correctly answer the question will receive a hardcover copy of the 50th Anniversary Edition of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities -which the winner can then use to participate (should they wish) in the first edition of The City Builder Book Club.

The winner will be announced sometime in the future, depending on whether this question is easier or harder than I think.

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