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Is Bike-Sharing Effective? Sunday Morning Stats With Nick Chu

We live in a golden age of bike-sharing schemes. But is this interesting form of public transportation effective? Like most things, the answer isn't as simple as 'yes' or 'no.'

A quick look at some of the things that make bike-sharing work (or not):

Number of bike share programs worldwide: 200

Number of bike-sharing schemes earning yearly profits: 0

Number of US cities with Bike Share programs: 10

Number of bikes in Washington’s bike share program: 1,000

Number of members: 12,000

Cost of subsidization per bicycle: $7,000

Expected number of bikes in New York’s scheme next year: 10,000

Number bikes in Paris Velib: 20,000

Percentage of original bikes destroyed/stolen: 80

Percentage of bikes stolen/vandalized in Edmonton’s People’s Pedal program: 95

Year Hangzhou bike share started: 2008

Number of bikes in 2008: 2,800

Stations: 61

Distance between docking stations: ¼ mile

Number of bike share bicycles in Hangzhou today: 50,000

By 2020: 175,000

Main clients: Tourists

Number of annual tourists in Hangzhou: 20 million

Number of annual tourists in London: 15 million

Month Guangzhou officials discussed implementing bike share: May 2010

Month bike share launched: June 2010


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