Oct 01, 2014

Bogota’s Cable Cars – Learning, but Not Duplicating

Post by Mauricio Miranda. Bogota will try to learn from one of the most successful urban cable car stories by attempting to emulate Medellin’s achievements. Residents in Colombia’s capital city still encounter shockingly long and uncomfortable commutes despite the extensiveness its world renowned TransMilenio BRT system. But if there has been something that we have...

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May 10, 2012
Announcements, Proposals & Concepts

Another CPT for Colombia – The Bogota Metrocable?

Not to be outdone by its compatriot, Medellin, news reports coming from Bogota, Colombia indicates that the country’s capital is now seeking to build a Metrocable system of its own. The cable car is expected to operate in the districts of Ciudad Bolivar and San Cristobal – both of which are located southwest and southeast...

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Oct 31, 2011
Traffic & Congestion

Mimes As Traffic Cops in Caracas?

If Caracas can use ski lifts as public transit what are the chances they could do something even more bizarre to ease one’s daily commute? Plenty apparently. Carlos Ocariz, mayor of the Caracas municipality of Sucre, has deployed 120 mimes into Venezuela’s most congested city. The mimes are tasked with taming the city’s notorious traffic and...

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