Apr 30, 2012
Proposals & Concepts

Bucaramanga Cable Car

We just stumbled upon an incredibly high quality and awesome video animation of a CPT line in Bucaramanga, Colombia. While we don’t know the intricate details of the line, based on a cursory look, it appears that it is a 3 station system first proposed back in 2007. If anyone knows more about the history...

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Oct 26, 2011
Chicamocha Cable Car / Teleferico

Size Matters: The Chicamocha Cable Car

Often system length is used as an argument against Urban Gondolas and Cable Cars as a viable form of public transit. And while it’s true that most Cable Car systems are rather modest in length, that doesn’t mean they must be modest in length. That’s why we once wrote about the Norsjö Aerial Ropeway in Sweden....

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