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Weekly Roundup: An Urban Cable Car for Jerusalem?

Jerusalem Cable Car.

Image via Israel Hayom.

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of cable cars, urban gondolas, and cable propelled transit:

  • Meanwhile in Edmonton: After awarding two different consortiums the right to prepare a business case for an urban gondola/funicular/whatever (and $150,000 each), City Council has grounded the project stating that it is “premature when the fate . . . of surrounding development is up in the air.” Which makes one ask the obvious question: Why waste everyone’s time and money with a procurement process in the first place if it’s premature?
  • Citing the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, writers with The Gondola Project shake their head in confusion over how a government agency in a major developed nation could be so completely misinformed about how many people a gondola system can carry. “I mean, like, all you gotta do is google it,” one of the writers was overheard to remark. Rubbing their temples in confusion, the writers began asking around if anyone had an English-Hebrew dictionary they could borrow for the weekend.

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