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Oakland Update

So apparently the Oakland Airport Connector will proceed. The resurrection of the OAC had been reported on widely earlier this month, but those reports were somewhat premature. The project would not proceed unless a new funding plan was blessed by the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART’s) board of directors.

Progressive Railroading, however, is now reporting that the BART board has indeed approved the new funding plan that will allow the project to proceed.

Progressive Railroading notes that the project should begin construction in late 2010 and that the next steps in the process will be for BART to secure approval of $25 million from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and gain approval of $20 million in funds from the state of California.

The California Transportation Commission will consider the decision at an upcoming meeting on August 12.

In other words: Two major hurdles still to go. Remember, California’s still the brokest of the broke and the FTA has no love for this project. After all, they first tried to derail (sorry) this project back in February when it rescinded its pledge of $70 million in funding.

Hopefully this soap opera is coming to an end soon.

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